The Metal Building features carriages, tractors, classic automobiles, a tar paper shack, Baker High School display, Boy Scout display and more.

The Willard School is the original country school from the Willard community.  Set up and ready for class with desks, blackboards, school books and more from the original school house.

The Block Building features displays of the L. Price Company hardware store, Economy Grocery, a trading post, doctor's office, dinosaur fossils, a barber shop and saddles and tack.

Map of museum The Fallon County Jail was built in 1916 and contains the kitchen, camera room, Toy rooms, Lawler Drug store, the dress shop, World War I and II military displays, and a 1920's parlor.

The Lambert House was originally a homestead house that was upgraded over the years to the current house.  Items on display cover the time from 1907 to the 1950's and include pictures and items belonging to the Lambert's.

The Forrest Duffield Museum is the homestead house of the Duffield family and it displays items that have been used by the family as far back as 1910.